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Sea Sand Sun Resort & Villas

spa Sea Sand Sun Resort & Villas
spa Sea Sand Sun Resort & Villas

Do you have a special occasion coming up or are you feeling the pressure of everyday life? Do you want to buy your better half something different or is that old sports injury returning to haunt you? If you stayed out in the sun just a little too long! Do not despair, we have the antidote. Our range of invigorating, relaxing or soothing treatments will have back in tune with mind, body and soul in no time. Our professionally trained staff will ensure your experience is like no other. Using our specially formulated therapies, in conjunction with Bhawa Spa, Bangkok, your spirit will be lifted like never before.


'Silky Sand Foot Spa'

(Foot Soak/ Foot Massage & Reflexology)

Reflexology involves stimulating the nerve connections in the sole of the foot. To balance and restore energy to various organs in your body, a steady pressure is applied to specific points, fleeing blockages in the nervous system and improving energy flow. This program is a perfect tension relief, improve circulation and stimulate the body's natural healing process.

80 mins/ Bht 1,200++

'Sea Breeze Thai Massage'

(Foot Soak/ Traditional Thai Massage)

An applied traditional Thai massage aims at your highest relaxation using Yoga stretches and pressure points massage techniques helps stimulate your circulation, relieve tensions and balance the body, mind and the spiritual stage of peace for an ultimate retreat.

90 mins/Bht 1,400++ 120 mins/ Bht 1,700++

'Sunrise Thai Retreat'

(Foot Soak/ Thai Herbal Compress)

An ancient healing power of traditional and organically grown herbs work well with traditional Thai mas- sage in order to soothe, refresh and revive a weary spirit after
a long tiring day.

140 mins/ Bht 2,300++

'Warm Aroma Sea Essence'

(Foot Soak/ Warm Aroma Body Massage)

Spoil yourself with an ideal massage for a truly relax and refreshing. Working in tune with an array of exclusively blended Sea Sand Sun Spa warm aroma massage oils. A perfect retreat to nourish the soul, soothe the mind and pamper the body.

90 mins/ Bht 2,000++ 140 mins/ Bht 2,500++

'Aroma Ocean Recover'

(Foot Soak/ Warm Aroma Massage for Head, Back & Shoulder/ Thai Herbal Compress)

An intensive approach to quickly lift up your tense muscles, back pain and headache after a long stressful day. A massage therapy concentrating on head, shoulders and back performs a perfect pathway to bring back timeless peace and uplifting spirit.

70 mins/ Bht 1,800++

'Aroma Sun Soother'

(Foot Soak/ Aroma Balm Body Massage for Sunburn)

Pressure of varying degrees is applied along points and meridians or our pathways of energy flow.Sea Sand Sun exclusively blended massage balm helps encourage and balance the flow of energy throughout the entire body. Working in tune with fresh Aloe vera gel
to cool the skin while promoting the well-being after sun bathe.

150 mins/ Bht 4,500++

'Anti-Jet Lag Therapy'

(Foot Soak/ Aroma Body Massage/ Thai Herbal Compress)

A perfect pick-me-up program to intensively adjust your body clock while encouraging deep sleep pat- tern. Put your soul to rest and let us lull you through the sound of the sea.

150 mins/ Bht 2,700++

'Beaching Scrub A La Carte'

(Foot Soak/ Fresh Body Scrub A La Carte)

Experience the rhythms of touch for a thorough exfoliation. Never let your skin dull from sunrays. Reveal your inner beauty through healthy complexion from within.

60 mins/ Bht 1,900++

'Sea Sand Sun Senses'

(Foot Soak/ Fresh Body Scrub/ Warm Aroma Body Massage)

Exfoliation is a perfect skin remedy to rejuvenate and pampering the skin. Fresh body scrub is not only believed to be the skin nutrient, but also an ideal approach to nourish dehydrated or sun burnt skin. Its main benefits are to help purifying and lighten up complexion. Regular ritual of once a week is highly recommended for a total rejuvenation.

120 mins/ Bht 3,200++

'Submarine Body Detox'

(Foat Soak/ Dry Brush/ Fresh Body Scrub for Body Detox)

An ultimate program for those seeking for healthier lifestyle by means of natural remedy. Fresh body scrub that tailor-madely design helps your body to draw out impurities and toxins for total well-being and wellness within a glance.

150 mins/ Bht 4,200++

'Rejuvenation Spa Paradise'

(Foot Soak/ Dry Body Brush/ Honeycomb Body Rub/ Herbal Steam/Fresh Body Scrub & Mud/ Spiru- lina Hair Mud/ Warm Aroma Body Massage)

A total rejuvenate spa program that helps bring back skin youthfulness. Honeycomb helps hydrating the skin while fresh body scrub purifying the skin and spirulina hair mud helps strengthen hair roots.Warm aroma massage is a perfect tension relief.Healthy and young looking skin is just at reach.

150 mins/ Bht 5,500++

'Supreme Spa Pampering'

(Foot Soak/ Dry Body Brush/ Honeycomb Body Rub/ Herbal Steam/Fresh Body Scrub & Mud/ Spiru- lina Hair Mud/ Warm Aroma Body Massage/ Warm Milky Bath)

Uplifting your weary soul with this total spa pampering program. Experience the true virtue of Thai spa with the intuitive touch of spa specialist. Indulge in the warm milky bath to complete the skin beautification ritual, the total retreat that you will never forget.

180 mins/ Bht 6,800++

'Ultra Marine Facial Collagen'

(Facial Massage with Collagen)

The Collagen extract will deeply penetrate your skin helping to oxygenate nourish and moistures your skin banishing the appearance of wrinkles and loss of firmness. The ultimate facial also restores elasticity, tone and luster for skin. Ideal for matured to ultra dry skin.

60 mins/ Bht 2,500++

'Age Defying Facial Lift'

(Facial Lifting for Matured Skin)

SeaSandSun ultra concentrate facial mask can intensively help lift, brighten and clarify your skin. This facial massage induces a state of deep relaxation while encourage skin regeneration. Our special facial massage techniques help restore and rebalance your skin leaving your skin feeling fresh and soft just like a fountain of youth.

60 mins/ Bht 3,200++

'Ayurvedic Pure Gold Massage'

(Foot Soak/ Thai-Indian Body Massage with Ayurvedic Hot Oil/ Shirodhara Oil Drop/ Head & Scalp Massage)

An holistic approach to increase skin softness while adding luster to you skin, giving skin a healthy glow. Shirodhara oil drop helps improve 3rd eye vision (hypothalamus gland) while massage techniques help slow down signs of aging.

120 mins/ Bht 4,500++

Recommended Tea from BHAWA’s special blend: Rooibos tea infused with sundried tomato from the North of Thailand
- caffeine free
- perwerful anti-oxdant
- prevent cancer
- high minerals (Magnesium/Calcium/Zinc/Iron
- improve circuration
- relieve stomach pain
- aid absorption of Iron
- protect Pakinson or Alzheimer diseases

'Mediterranean Massage'

(Foot Soak/ Mediterranean Massage)

A combination of therapeutic sport body massage and yoga poster stretching technique to generate and stimulate new cells regeneration. Perfect for muscles tension relieves
120 mins/ Bht 2,800++

Recommended Tea from BHAWA’s special blend: Rooibos tea infused with sundried tomato from the North of ThailandBenefits:
- caffeine free
- perwerful anti-oxdant
- prevent cancer
- high minerals (Magnesium/Calcium/Zinc/Iron
- improve circuration
- relieve stomach pain
- aid absorption of Iron
- protect Pakinson or Alzheimer diseases

Hot Stone Rose Quartz Massage

(Foot Soak/ Collagen Rose Quartz Hot Stone Body Massag

Incubated hot stone body massage with Rose Quartz and collagen cream is an ideal therapy to release ten- sions and easing sore muscles. Heated stones improves particularly on the trigger points while the heat can penetrate deeper into body tissues. Some of symptoms of anxiety disorder and depression can be minimized.
120 mins/ Bht 4,200++

Recommended Tea from BHAWA’s special blend: Rose-Vanilla infused with sundried Bael Fruit from National Royal Project
Benefits :
- reduce and prevent constipation
- control Cholesterol
- anti-inflammatory
- can be used to treat heart disease
- can control Diabetes

'Organic Deep Sea Bran Skin Glow'

(Foot Soak/ Organic Body Brush/ Coconut Body Serum/ Deep Sea Bran Body Scrub/ Red Algae Serum Body Mud/ Collagen Coral Serum Massage/ Warm Red Wine Bath)

A supreme skin rejuvenation & brightening from the fruits of sea: seaweed, white pearl and deep sea algae. Indulge in the luxury skin pampering ritual to enrich your relaxation experience.
180 mins/ Bht 5,800++

Recommended Tea from BHAWA’s special blend: Menthe-Lavender infused with sundried organic gooseberry from National Royal Project
Benefits :
- aid in digestion
- relieve anxiety & tensions
- reduce muscles splasms
- encourage relaxation
- promote deep sleep
- soothe headache

'Sea Sand Sun Signature Spa'

(Foot Soak / Organic Body Brush/ Body Massage with Coconut Oil/ Coconut Body Scrub/ Rice Body Mud/ Milky Oil Warm Bath)

Cold compress virgin coconut oil can act as moisturizer, anti-fungal, multivitamin, multi-nutrient and anti-oxidant. It’s a perfect soother for itchiness and dryness. Coconut contains two anti oxidants that can smooth away wrinkle, eliminating dead skin cells and reducing flaking skin. For your silky soft skin and glowing complexion.
180 mins/ Bht 6,000++

Recommended Tea from BHAWA’s special blend:Calendula tea infused with cold pressed organic coconut oil
Benefits :
- rich in minerals
- prevent gastrointestinal problems
- promote healthy skin
- a natural body cleanser
- weight management

'Absolute Mango Serum Spa'

(Foot Soak / Organic Body Brush/ Mango Body Scrub/ Rich Mineral Body Mud/ Mango Collagen Serum Body Mas- sage/ Warm Milky Bath)

Manago collagen serum provides excellent moisturizer and lubricity on the skin. It’s suitable for dry skin and reputed to relieve dry itchy skin. High in VIt A, C and Beta Carotine, mango serum can also help to prevent formation of wrinkles and the drying of skin by preventing the degeneration of skin cells, while flexibility of the skin is restored. Perfect treat for the Asian delight.
180 mins/ Bht 8,500++

Recommended Tea from BHAWA’s special blend: Mango tea infused with sundried organic mango from National Royal Project
Benefits :
- aid in digestion
- weight control
- reduce appetite
- boost metabolism
- breaking down protein

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